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St Thomas Church has been involved in mission work in Honduras since 1990 when we began to support Betsy Hake, who was a missionary through the South American Missionary Society.  Betsy visited us several times and then took her idea for helping prostitutes in Tegucigalpa to leave the “business” independent.  A little later we found Barbara Boghetich who had retired from banking work in Texas and who believed God wanted her to spend her later years as a missionary in Honduras.  So we supported Barbara from 2000 until her retirement in 2012.

Currently, we help support the Hope of Jesus Children’s Home, which provides a stable home life for 15 orphans while teaching them to farm and sell coffee.

Meanwhile we have done hurricane relief (Mitch 1998) and built churches in El Cerron, Pozo Azul, and La Laguna.  Several members of the parish have traveled to Honduras over the years and taught, painted, built with cement, toured, made friends, and generally found Honduras wonderful.

One of the most interesting trips for our former priest was to tour Juticalpa in 2007 to visit families of some of the members of the Latino congregation here at St Thomas.









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