Jul 15


“Change is the essence of life Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.  ––Reinhold Niebuhr

We are in the midst of that change and we are doing well.  Fr. Jim Lodwick has helped out tremendously, taking two of our three Sunday Services each week, and Jim Smart is leading the early group through Morning Prayer.  We have established a rhythm to our worship that feels good.  Fortunately, Victor Weber has recovered enough from his hip surgery to return to the organ at the 10:00 Mass.  And even though our choir is recessed for the summer, we are singing the hymns with gusto!  Marcy Prochaska is playing guitar with Armando Suarez for the Spanish Mass to replace Fr. John’s accompaniment.

In other areas, we are continuing our life together as usual.  The Non-Food Pantry is still open each Wednesday evening and is setting record client requests.  They average 50 or so families each week who need help with paper products and cleaning supplies.  Thanks to all our parishioners, we are able to fill requests up to five items per month per client.  We are reaching the end of our Pledge period for NFP and will be soon asking for your Pledge to help with expenses for the coming year. Thanks also to our faithful volunteers for working one, two, or three times each month.  Our committee will be meeting on July 29th at 9:00 AM to plan for the coming month.

The Tuesday morning Bible Study group is continuing to meet in the Parish Hall each week.  They have just completed a study by James Moore and felt so enlightened by the author’s examples and teaching that they are about to begin another by the same man.  This one will discuss how we each want to be remembered when we are gone, and what to do now for that.

The Adams Street Kids (5th grade through 12th grade) have just had a fun Sunday afternoon at the nearby water park.  The group is continuing under Jon Glaub’s leadership and will be gearing up soon for the Blueberry Stomp fundraiser.  St. Thomas is again helping with registration for the event.  Our own Kristen Keirn has stepped up to coordinate the entire road race and all the Adams Street churches which cooperate to put on the race.

Thanks to Mike Taylor and his work group who spent their Saturday refinishing pews.  This made for a little dust in the sanctuary and a strange seating plan on Sunday, but the pews are looking so beautiful.  Parishioners helping out on the 14th were:  Rob & Brent Holl, Jim & Kathy Smart, Mike Wraight, Jeanette Loeffler, and Mike Taylor.  We cannot express how much we appreciate our Jr. Warden and his devotion to our buildings during his tenure.  We certainly could not afford to pay him for all he is doing!

Our Sr. Warden, Jeanette Loeffler, has also been taking on a heavy load this year.  She is our go-to person for all things corporate:  Vestry meetings and leadership, Diocesan cooperation, and day-to-day issues and jobs.  Please be sure to express your appreciation for her work to her.

The Adams Street Ministries Vacation Bible School will be held this year at 1st United Church of Christ the week of July 29 beginning at 8:45 each morning.  Open to all kids 4 years through 4th grade and registration forms are available on the back table of the church.  Adult helpers are also needed for set construction on the 28th at the UCC church.  To volunteer or for other questions, call Grace Blanding, director, at 936-4496.  Jenifer Justice has volunteered to help throughout the week with videos.

In just a few weeks, we will be welcoming Fr. Tom Haynes to St. Thomas.  In order to do that with some celebration, we will have a Breakfast Buffet on Sunday, August 4th, at 9:00 AM.  Please plan to bring in brunch or fruit dishes to share.  Of course, volunteers are always needed to set up the buffet and cleanup following the meal.

While I am not very proficient at maintaining websites, I am in charge of ours until Fr. Tom is here.  If you see something that is not quite right, please let me know.  I am posting pictures here from the Retirement Party and others from the ASK water park trip.

May God continue to bless us here at St. Thomas’,

Lisa Slaydon


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