Apr 04

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Holy Week Schedule

Holy Week and Easter 2017

Holy Week and Easter 2017


Palm Sunday

Liturgy of the Palms in the Parish Hall

Process to Church inside

Reading of the Passion in parts (no sermon – omit confession & Creed)


Holy Week

Regular Wed. Mass – Stations to follow Mass at 6:45


Maundy Thursday, 7:00 PM

(hymns with choir)

Washing of Feet

Sacrament reserved at the Altar of Repose

Stripping of the Altar

No watch (or perhaps a limited one based on interest)


Good Friday

  • Morning Prayer 6:00 AM
  • Last Words of Christ – 12:00 Noon with Reflections on the last words, psalms, and meditation (Many people can only come for a portion of this service during a lunch break for example and that is not only fine, but really the design of the service.)
  • 6:00 PM Eucharist from the Reserve and Veneration of the Cross


Easter Vigil, 8:00 PM

(hymns but no choir)

Service of Light

Liturgy of the Word

Baptisms (if any)

The First Eucharist of Easter

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